Chickfest 2015    

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Treat yourself to a day of spiritual celebration, healing, meditation, music, and fun 


11:00 am - 4:00 pm

Prospector Conference Center  

         2175 Sidewinder Dr.  *   Park City, UT 84060  

Chickfest is a chance to explore and experience alternative health services you've always wanted to try... at a ridiculously low cost. Providers who specialize in a wide variety of modalities are available for you to sample in our 'Woo Woo Buffet.' You'll meet Utah's best spiritual healers, energy workers, psychics, Reiki experts,  intuits, chiropractors, acupuncturists, yogis, light therapists and past life healers... just to name a few! Chickfest is for everyone who's interested in more holistic ways to heal. It's for people who think there's more to medicine than just popping pills. It's for those who want to get in touch with themselves or loved ones. And it's for everyone who loves to explore and have fun!

What is Chickfest?

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Woo Woo Wonderful!

Chicky Cheap!

With this ticket, you may enter at 11:00 am -- an hour before everyone else!

During this hour, you'll meet with providers in the Woo Woo Buffet and you can choose to schedule up to FOURone-on-one sessions for later in the afternoon.

Woo Woo Wonderful tickets sales are LIMITED to ensure that each person with this ticket receives their four one-on-one sessions.

tickets $25 or $10

Ticket prices include everything you see in the description below, plus, you may shop in the 'Illuminate Mall' and attend any of the several group healing sessions or mini-lectures. No further payments to providers are expected. 



With this ticket, you may enter at 12:00 and you can snap up any one-on-one sessions not taken up by Woo Woo Wonderful ticket holders. 


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